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Happy Together!
The Roads Won't Love You

Mixed Medium
48 x 60 inches

Please contact Hayley Gallery regarding this piece.

My submission for Happy Together, an Exhibition by emerging Artists and Adam Brouillette and Meghan Kwast.

"I think of Marriage as a journey two people are taking together. Taking a drive with someone you love and cherish, with the quiet moments in the car together, stops to view scenery, sometimes detours and the occasional bumps in the road. It’s the shared memories and the ability to tolerate someone long enough to make a long trip together. The title “A Long Vermont Road” is an homage to a band that Adam and I share a love for, The Magnetic Fields. The song of the same name isn’t thought of as a traditional love song, but it always spoke to me as one. The piece I created was based on my interpretation of this long road. I wanted to paint that feeling of seeing a future together and the road that leads to all the memories tow people will make together. I want to wish Adam and Megan all the best on this trip they are embarking on".