• Fordyce and Bush Presents: Portraits

    Fordyce and Bush Presents: Portraits

    Join us at the Fabulous gallery space @stonewallcolumbus Saturday Aug 5th from 4 to 9 pm on display will be work from Douglas Fordyce and Michael Bush, this a series based on both artist interpretation of portraits, hope to see you all ❤️



    Join us this Franklinton Friday for the new show, FLORAL-E-YOURS, new work from Michael Bush.
    Secret Studio

  • Salutations to the Moon

    Salutations to the Moon

    Artist reception for my show "Salutations to the Moon"
    Please join us from 5 to 7 pm at Barcelona Restaurant,
    June 22nd 2022

  • Finding Clarity in Chaos

    Finding Clarity in Chaos

    "Finding Clarity in Chaos: New work from M.T. Bush
    at Secret Studio Franklinton Ohio
    April 8th 2022

  • Land-Grant Beer Pop up for Franklinton Friday

    Land-Grant Beer Pop up for Franklinton Friday

    Landgrant on Friday, drinking some beer and hanging out with some small art pieces. Please stop by if your out for Franklinton Friday ❤️

  • Sarah Gormley Gallery presents Tight and Loose, featuring the work of Garrison Latimer and Michael Bush. The Show opens October 1st 2021. THe Sarah Gormley Gallery is located at 988 N High St Columbus Ohio 43215.

  • Elemental Collaborativism

    Elemental Collaborativism

    Two man Show with David Senecal at Gallery 22 in Delaware,Ohio

    March/April 2019


    January 4 - February 8, 2019

    Artlink is pleased to present the return of Artlink's Regional Exhibition. The Regional features artists from around the Midwest states of Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, and Kentucky, showcasing the rich artistic talent found in the region. Artists of all mediums, backgrounds, and concepts are joined together for a rich exhibition of compelling works of art. This exhibition will be juried by Meredith Brickell and Ray Duffey, artists and educators based in Indianapolis, Indiana.

  • How Beautiful am I: New Interpretations of the Harlem Renaissance

    How Beautiful am I: New Interpretations of the Harlem Renaissance

    October 11 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
    Curated by April Sunami

    As Columbus celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Harlem Renaissance the Columbus Metropolitan Libary’s Carnegie Gallery will host How Beautiful Am I: New Interpretations of the Harlem Renaissance. Contemporary artists from the Columbus community have been asked to create work inspired by one of the many cultural producers of the Harlem Renaissance including visual artists, musicians, writers, activists, etc.
    Cover image by Queen Brooks.

  • Art for Life 2018

    Columbus Museum of Art September 14th thru September 15th 2018

    Art for Life is a biennial art auction, created in 1989, that has helped raise awareness and approximately $3 million in funding for HIV/AIDS medical care, prevention, education, testing and advocacy services. The event is not only a celebration of the arts community and Equitas Health’s life-saving work, but also a celebration of life and the artists who enrich it. There is a Live and Silent Auction which feature some of the best local and internationally recognized artists. Art for Life 2016 raised over $600,000 and had over 1,000 attendees, 2018 raised over $1,000,000.00, continuing its legacy as the most successful charity art auction fundraiser in Ohio.

  • The Shape of Things Solo show @ Hayley Gallery

    The Shape of Things Solo show @ Hayley Gallery
  • BSPC Eastside Arts Initiative Spring Exhibition 25 April 2018

    Renewed. Restored. Redeemed. Art Exhibition
    Curated by Janet George

    Columbus-based artists share their artistic interpretation of renewal, restoration and redemption. Together they represent a variety of differing voices in our community, in addition to a variety of artistic disciplines which include painting, fiber art, photography, mixed media and street art

  • Contemplating Grace: Meditations on Abstract Art January 21,2018

    · Hosted by April Sunami Studio and Martin de Porres Center.

    Artists explore the themes of "grace" through abstract art. Join us for a beautiful and provoking exhibition.

  • Boogeyman Art Gallery October 2017

    A one-night event featuring a uniquely themed collection from Columbus’s premiere visual artists. Rarely has this much talent been collected in one show.

    Each artist has been tasked to depict his or her interpretation of the “Boogeyman.” Artists range from 3-D to 2-D; street inspired to traditional. This amalgam of horror, beauty, and heartache is the art show you’ve been waiting for.

    Featuring art from:
    Corey Aumiller
    Craig Allen
    Amanda Ba
    Michael Bush
    Mandi Caskey
    Larry Doyle
    Cyrus Fire
    Kat Francis
    Dan Gerdeman
    Grant Gilsdorf
    Cody Heichel
    Mona Danesh
    Rob Jones
    Shannon Mitchell
    Brie Mullins
    Dante Romano
    Daniel Rona
    Emma Siefring
    Sarthak Shah
    Mariah Shamy
    Lucie Shearer
    Monster Steve
    Jacob Tanner
    Christina Yamarick
    Elle Yax
    Tony Young

    Whether you are a fan or a collector, this evening will not disappoint.

  • With Every Beat! April 1st 2017

    Demark on High
    Solo show of new work inspired by my loved ones, those still present and those I've lost

  • Art for Life 2016 Columbus Museum of Art

    Art for Life is a truly special evening filled with glitz, glamour, food and drink, set against the backdrop of amazing art that has been donated by local and national artists to help support Equitas Health and the critical lifesaving programs and services provided for our community

  • 400 days presents: Artwork of M.T.Bush June 10th 2016

    New work from 400 w Rich artist, Michael Bush
    Opening during Franklinton Friday.
    June 10th 2016 7 pm

  • Telesthesia April 1 - 29.2016

    Telesthesia..."The sensation or perception received at a distance without the normal operation of the recognized sense organs."

    Come out to Clayspace/Gallery 831 to see new abstract works by artists Michael Bush, James Kurella, Peggy Mintun and David Senecal.

    Opening reception on April 1, 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM.
    Show Dates: April 1 - 29.2016

  • Head Games: Woeful Noise Franklinton Friday

    Join the Franklinton Arts District at our Urban Scrawl Gallery during Franklinton Fridays on August 14th as we feature the art of M.T Bush! The opening will be from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m on Friday August 14th and will be on view until Monday September 8th (by appointment).

    The Urban Scrawl Gallery showcases the studio work of artists who have participated in past Urban Scrawl mural events. Visit our neighborhood during Franklinton Fridays to see what the entire creative community of Franklinton has to offer!


    Head Games: Woeful Noise is a new show of abstractions from M.T. Bush , inspired by the Rorschach ink blot test, but moving toward a more figurative imagery

  • 4 for 40

    Artist Michael Bush presents four gallery shows in April to celebrate 40th birthday.The exhibits are unique to each location and represent years of new work by the Columbus artist.
    Four new local exhibitions, particularly those at Gallery Denmark and StoneVillage, debuting in April are composed of work by Michael Bush that is a big departure from the artist’s traditional style (fluid, dreamily abstracted landscapes made with unconventional items, like water, to manipulate the paint). An exciting new method of editing his art pushes Michael’s work into a new realm, a wonderful metaphor for this artist’s new chapter outside of art as well.

    See, Michael is turning 40 in April and this compilation of shows is a celebration of that fact — he began working on pieces for each exhibit more than a year ago. Excited for a new decade and entering a new era of his painting “voice,” this is an exciting roundup of shows that bookmarks an important moment in his successful art career. “My intent is to challenge the viewer to define images in the work, either intentional or unintentional,” Michael said.

    Art fans will love considering all the shows together as a survey of his work or as an individual showcase of abstraction.
    Following, details on each exhibit.

    “The Road Won’t Love You” at Vanderelli Room
    Address: 218 McDowell St., Franklinton
    On view dates: April 10 thru April 25th 2015
    Gallery reception date: April 10th during Franklinton Fridays
    This show is rooted in Michael’s traditional abstractions and the study of creative collaboration. Inspired by artists such as Rothko, Richter, de Kooning and Bourguignon, Michael’s takes on the movement of abstraction have a dreamscape feel that is completely original.
    As an active member of the Columbus arts community, Michael continually draws creative and personal encouragement from his contemporaries. This exhibit is composed of collaborative works between himself and other local standout artists, including Stephanie Rond, Dan Gerdeman, Lisa McLymont, AJ Vanderelli and Chris Tennant.
    For the show, Michael created an abstraction for each artist to then create work on top of, with or inspired by. The interpretations are refreshing and exciting examples of modern creative collaboration and the conversation of what one’s art means to others.

    “The Positives and Negatives” at Gallery Denmark
    Address: 463 N. High St., Short North
    On view dates: April 1 thru April 30th 2015
    Gallery reception date: Gallery Hop,April 4th 2015
    These are new paintings inspired by the Rorschach ink blot test and represent a new motif for Michael. For these works, he made dreamy abstractions per his usual method then, instead of letting the viewer decipher the image on his or her own, the artist edited the piece by painting in a solid color over everything except the one image he himself deciphered from the original artwork. The use of negative space and a monochromatic color scheme lets Michael highlight a particular image on the canvas, and the result are as gorgeous as they are intriguing.

    “Head Games” at StoneVillage Church Gallery
    Address: 139 E. Second Ave., Short North
    On view dates: April 1st thru April 30th 2015
    Gallery reception date: Gallery Hop, April 4th 2015
    This impressive lineup includes new work made in the same vein as that in “The Positives and Negatives” but with a more diverse color scheme that leads to emboldened images in which Michael’s unique abstractive method is allowed to absolutely soar. This new motif is an exciting development of the locally beloved artist’s work.

    “Small Wonders” at Hot Head Salon
    Address: 122 Graceland Blvd., Clintonville
    On view dates: April 2015

    A survey of works from the other three shows, this compilation offers a view of the range of work encompassing Michael’s repertoire — from abstractive pieces to more focused figurative work.


  • Witches & Brew 3

    Hot Head Salon
    25 October 2014

    Group show that benefits Pets without Parents

  • Dangerous Impermanence

    Sept 5th 2014 Shot tower Gallery Fort Hayes HS

    Dangerous Impermanence will include a group exhibition of artists who have participated in the film including Linda Ayala, Michael Bush, Cyrus Fire, Doug Fordyce, Helma Groot, Rob Jones, Lisa McLymont, Dante Rodriguez, Amandda Tirey AND the S.Dot permanent Collection

  • Art For LIfe 2014

    September 13th 2014
    Ohio History Connection

    Art for Life is a truly special evening filled with glitz, glamour, food and drink, set against the backdrop of amazing art that has been donated by local and national artists to help support AIDS Resource Center Ohio (ARC Ohio) and the critical lifesaving programs and services provided for our community.

  • CS Summer Detour Series - Featuring GCAC Staff Picks

    Showing August 1st - 13th
    Artist Reception August 1st 6-9 pm

  • CS Gallery presents: Summer Detour Series with Guest Curator Columbus Underground

    Showing July 18th - 30th
    Artist Reception July 18th 6-9 pm

    For our July Installment we are collaborating with local social media wizards Walker and Anne Evans of Columbus Underground to showcase some of the artists from their Featured Local Artists Series!

  • Utrecht Columbus featured artist of the month

    Showing a mix of work for the month of May at Utrecht in the Short North Art District.

  • 4 at Stone Village

    Part of a group show at Stone Village Gallery. Peggy Minturn, Sonja Lucas and Arlo Moon


    January 4th 2014.
    Stone Village Church Gallery.
    139 East Second Ave
    Columbus Ohio.